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Podcast FAQ

What is a Podcast?
A Podcast is an audio or video recording posted on a Web site that you can simply click on and listen to, or downloaded to your computer to play later. The word Podcast is a combination of the words "pod" (from iPod, the popular music player) and "cast" (from broadcasting).

How do I listen to a Podcast?
The best way to listen to a Podcast, besides simply clicking on the link and listening to the audio file, is by "subscribing" to it. When you subscribe to a Podcast, you automatically get the most recent audio file delivered to your computer as soon as it is available.

Is there a cost to subscribing?
No. The College Park Aviation Museum Podcast is free of charge.

How do I subscribe?
All Podcasts are made available through an RSS feed, you can subscribe to a podcast using any RSS reader such as iTunes, Juice, iPodder, etc. If you have the most updated version of your internet browser, you can simply click on the RSS icon to subscribe. If you only see code when you click this icon that means you have an older version of your browser. In this case, to view the feed, copy the link and then paste it into your favorite RSS reader (PC users can do this by right-clicking on the feed link and selecting "copy link location").

What is an RSS feed?
RSS stands for "really simple syndication." The RSS allows Web sites to syndicate their content so that users can subscribe to updates. So, instead of going to the Web site to look for updates manually, you can have updates "fed" to you automatically. But in order to get the automatic updates, you need to get a feed reader.

How do I get an RSS feed reader?
RSS readers are generally free. There are many options. Some readers are Web-based; you go to the Web site to view your feeds. Some readers can be downloaded to your computer, allowing feeds to be viewed on your desktop. Search the Internet for "rss feed reader."

How do I subscribe using iTunes?
If your RSS reader is iTunes follow these steps:
  • Open iTunes
  • Click on Advanced, and select "Subscribe to Podcast"
  • Copy and paste the RSS URL
  • Click OK
You can also find College Park Aviation Museum Podcasts through iTunes by searching the iTunes store.