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1946 Ercoupe 415D

1946 ErcoupeThe Ercoupe was manufactured by the Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO) in nearby Riverdale, MD, to be spin-proof, stall-proof, and slip-proof. It is a single engine, two place low-wing aircraft of metal construction, fabric or metal wings, and tricycle landing gear. It has a coordinated controlling system that eliminates the need for rudder pedals since the ailerons, twin rudders and steerable nose move in concert when the pilot turns the control wheel. The simplified control system makes the Ercoupe simple, safe, and a plane that "anyone could fly."

NC93942 is on loan to the College Park Aviation Museum by Pat Gravatt and Andy Gravatt (deceased).

The "half" Ercoupe 415C, N99182, which is missing parts of its fuselage and wings, shows the distinctive lack of rudder pedals. It is located on the gallery floor. (serial no. 1805)

30 feet, 0 inches
20 feet, 9 inches 
Empty Weight:
845 lbs. 
Gross Weight:
1,400 lbs.
85 hp Continental A-85 
Maximum Speed:
117 mph
Range: 450 miles