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1939 Taylorcraft BL-65

1939 Taylorcraft A side-by-side seating, high-wing monoplane, the Taylorcraft has been retrofitted by our restoration shop to become the museum's "Imagination Plane." Visitors to the museum are encouraged to touch, explore, and sit in the cockpit of the blue 1939 aircraft. Aspiring pilots can operate the controls to move the elevator, rudder and ailerons. One wing has been left in various stages of completion, to illustrate the process of covering a wing with fabric.

N23624 (serial no. 1349) was donated to the College Park Aviation Museum by Francis A. Fine in 1997.

Wingspan: 36 feet, 0 inches
Length: 22 feet, 0 inches
Empty Weight: 640 lbs.
Gross Weight: 1150 lbs.
Powerplant: 65 hp Lycoming O-145
Maximum Speed: 102 mph 
250 miles