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Featured Exhibitions

Flying Force: The Prince George's County Police Aviation Unit
Through August 29

College Park Airport is home to two (2) Prince George's County Police helicopters, their pilots and crews. This exhibit provides a behind-the-scenes look at the daily life of the unit, its history and the dedicated unit. This is captured via candid large-format photographs taken on the ground and in the air.

Hidden treasures, hidden stories
September 5 - october 19

It is said that museums only display about 10% of the objects that they have in their collection.  The College Park Aviation Museum typically has one-third of its collection on exhibit. 

“Hidden Treasures, Hidden Stories” introduces visitors to some of the objects packed away in storage. Some of these objects have not been on display since the old airport museum closed in 1997, while others are on display for the very first time. 

The museum is pleased to welcome back the fuselage of the Boyd Model C, an all-metal aircraft built in the 1930s, which was on display at College Park Airport for many years. 

Stop by and enjoy these hidden treasures before they return to the solitude of storage for awhile.