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Rental Highlights

Equipment available with Rental Contract

  • Rental is for 6 hours only (this includes time for set up/take down). If over 6 hours, please see price sheet for additional per hour fee.
  • Portable screen
  • 100 chairs (if over 100, you will have to rent yourself)
  • 12 tables (6ft rectangular)
  • Podium with microphone
  • Four (4)  4x8 foot risers

Items/Equipment NOT AVAILABLE for use with Rental Contract

  • AV Equipment
  • Tableware (plates, spoons, forks, napkins)
  • Tablecloths
  • Loading Dock
  • Caterers Kitchen
  • Pointer
  • Flip Chart
  • Coffee pot
  • Sugar
  • Creamer
  • Refrigerator use

Responsibility of Renter

It is important that your caterer meet with our staff prior to the start of your event, to do a walk-through of the facility. Caterers must remove all trash and food to the dumpsters once the event is over. (Dumpsters are conveniently located outside the back door of the facility).

Full sized aircraft and exhibits cannot be moved to accommodate rentals. If you are renting the entire museum, a layout plan for the set up must be given to Rosalyn Moore prior to the event. 

Catered events with presentations/events utilizing two separate areas in the museum:

  • Let us know in advance which area is to be set up first
  • If rental includes over 50 people, 100 chairs will not accommodate both activities
  • Chairs may need to be stacked and moved. Allow time and assistance for this unless additional chairs are rented.
  • CPAM staff are not responsible for moving rented tables/chairs

Please note: All rental staff are knowledgeable about the museum and its history and can answer questions. However, they are not there to give tours.

Rental Checklist: Things You Need to Know

  • Museum closes to general public at 5 pm. Neither you, nor your caterer, photographer or staff can come into the Museum to begin set up prior to that time.
  • There are no live flowers or plants allowed in the Museum. You are responsible for making sure your caterer knows this.
  • There are no open flames allowed. This means all flames must be surrounded or contained. Sterno is allowed under food containers.
  • If you rent any equipment (tables, chairs, clothes, AV or Audio equipment) you are responsible for its set up and take down. We will set up and break down our tables and chairs for you.
  •  Rental and other equipment may not be delivered to the Museum prior to 2 pm on Friday for weekend events. It must be picked up on Monday morning before we open at 10 am. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If you use a DJ or a live band you may not exceed a decibel level of 75.
  • If you utilize the museum beyond 6 hours, you are charged the additional rental fee.
  • Exhibitions and aircraft change throughout the year. Please do not plan your event without taking this into consideration. Exhibit cases along the mezzanine are moved to accommodate exhibits. Aircraft cannot be moved to accommodate a rental.
  •  Any children in the Museum must be accompanied by an adult at all times.