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The College Park Aviation Museum includes a library and archives preserving College Park Airport’s rich aviation history, and early general aviation. 


The museum collections contain photographs, newspaper articles, and other records documenting the history of College Park Airport and local aviation.

Materials include:

  • US Army Signal Corps Aviation School
  • Airmail
  • Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO)
  • The Cloud Club & Columbia Air Center
  • Benjamin Foulois Collection
  • W. Hunter & Chester Boyd Collection
  • Elaine Harmon Collection (Women’s Air Service Pilots)
  • Preservation of College Park Airport Collection


The Library contains books and journals on civil and military aviation history, aviation science and technology. Subjects include the development of civil and military aviation, significant aviators, aviation technology, and aeronautics. The library also holds a collection of aviation-themed children’s books, both fiction and nonfiction, dating from as early as 1910.

To set up a research appointment or project review, please email the museum at