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Featured Exhibitions

Flying Force: The Prince George's County Police Aviation Unit


College Park Airport is home to two (2) Prince George's County Police helicopters, their pilots and crews. This exhibit provides a behind-the-scenes look at the daily life of the unit, its history and the dedicated unit. This is captured via candid large-format photographs taken on the ground and in the air.

Biological Flyers of College Park

February 27 - August 28

Hovering flight, soaring flight, speed flight, formation flight - all done around College Park and not by airplanes or helicopters! Biological Flyers of College Park explores the many different kinds of flight that birds and flying mammals can do in our neighborhood skies. Produced in collaboration with the M-NCPPC Park Rangers, Prince George's County Audubon Society, and Patuxent Bird club.

Art Contest Winners

May 3 - July 31

This exhibition features the winners and runners up from our two art contests this spring. 

Students in Grades K-8 were prompted to use a quote from Wilbur Wright and the Biological Flyers of College Park exhibit, to design a work of art that reflects the idea that nature inspires human innovation.Our entrants display a fascinating variety of mediums and styles in their compelling artworks. Their inspirations include birds, plants, land animals, and display a mixture of innovative technologies. 

Older students and adults were challenged to create a vintage style Travel Poster that creatively features the historical events and important figures involved in the founding of the College Park Airport. These digital images reveal a complex play of form and use of color for both artists.