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1910 Wright Model B Reproduction

1910 Wright Model B ReproductionThe Wright Model B reproduction that currently stands in the gallery of the College Park Aviation Museum was constructed by Ken Hyde and others at the Virginia Aviation and Machine Company of Warrenton, Virginia. Our Wright B was built to the standards of the original, using the same materials, construction techniques, and finishes as those employed by Orville and Wilbur Wright. The only exceptions are a non-operating engine and the covering of a balloon cotton fabric as opposed to the original rubberized fabric.

The original 1910 Wright Model B was constructed of West Virginia white spruce wood coated with aluminum powder, which gave the wood a deceptively metal-looking finish. The dual rudder and elevator were located in the tail section of the aircraft, and the elevator was not hinged, but warped. The airplane was equipped with dual control. The pilot operated the elevator control in the left seat with his left hand while with his right hand he operated the rudder and wing-warping control, located between the two pilots. This arrangement created a problem: the pilot in the right-hand seat was forced to operate the rudder and wing-warping control with his left hand and the elevator control with his right hand. This resulted in what was referred to as right- and left-seat pilots. This problem was corrected in 1912 with the installation of an additional rudder/wing-warping control lever.

The Wright B aeroplane served for two years at our nation's first military aviation school at College Park and was used for training and experimental flights.

Empty weight: 950 lbs.
Wingspan: 38 feet, 6 inches
Take-off speed: 27 mph
Cruising speed: 40 mph
Engine: 30-35 horsepower 4-cylinder water-cooled Wright engine
Propellers: Twin counter-rotating 8 feet, 6 inch propellers (428 rpm)