Transfer Station Siting Study

Permitted Capacity

The Prince George's County's refuse landfill at Brown Station Road will reach its permitted capacity in 2011. Because there will not be development of a new landfill within the county, refuse will be transferred to one of the several modern, large, commercial landfills operating in the Mid-Atlantic region.

New Transfer Facility

Consequently, the county needs to develop a new transfer facility for consolidating the refuse into larger vehicles for shipment instead of using less efficient, individual refuse trucks. The facility will be carefully sited so that it not only meets the various technical requirements, but also minimizes the impact to the neighboring communities.

At the time of public outreach, there was no location selected for the transfer facility. The county asked the community to participate and voice their opinion in the development of the site selection criteria. The criteria were used to evaluate properties in the entire county and identify likely candidate sites.

New Sites

19 sites across the county were identified and presented to the County Council. 4 sites were selected by the Council for field investigation. The site located at 6550 SE Crain Highway was selected by the Council for the solid waste transfer station. It is the current site for the Prince George's County Yard Waste Composting Facility (Western Branch).

Public Hearing

On September 9, 2008, the County Council held a public hearing on CR-074-2008, an amendment to the Prince George's County 2002-2011 Ten Year Solid Waste Management Plan to add the Western Branch Transfer Station Facility, located at 6550 SE Crain Highway, Upper Marlboro, as the site for the solid waste transfer station. The Council adopted the resolution on September 16, 2008.


If there are any questions concerning the possible design of the Solid Waste Transfer Station, please contact:
Christopher A. Akinbobola, Associate Director
Department of Environmental Resources
Waste Management Division,
1220 Caraway Court
Suite 1050B
Largo, MD, 301-883-5969
Phone: 301-985-3894