#PlanCoscaPark - Cosca Regional Park Master Development Plan

Project Background/Description

A Master Plan Development will establish a comprehensive vision for Cosca Regional Park by developing a blueprint that balances competing demands on the park’s resources and responsibly guides development through the next 20-25 years. This process will culminate in a development plan to guide future activities, shaped by recommendations generated from an active civic engagement process, an analysis of existing site conditions, and an assessment of service deliveries, and future recreation trends.

The acquisition of Louise F. Cosca Regional Park (Cosca Park) began in 1963 and was known as Clinton Regional Park. Over the past six decades, additional land has been acquired, bringing the current park acreage to a total of 800. 

Cosca Lake and the Clearwater Nature Center were opened in 1970. Since then, other park features have been added including playgrounds, athletic fields, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, picnic areas, a campground, and a walking trail network. Most recently, a skatepark was added in 2012.

The park also includes a closed gravel quarry in its most northern section, significant woodlands throughout, and actively farmed land in its southern section. The historic Thrift Schoolhouse anchors its most southern end. 

Master Plan Update

Last Updated September 2020

The Department of Parks and Recreation has selected Lardner/Klein Landscape Architects (L/KLA), a nationally recognized park planning consulting firm, to work with the Department and the community to propose a path toward achieving countywide goals outlined in Formula 2040: Functional Master Plan for Parks, Recreation and Open Space, and the Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan. 

Under the direction of the Park Planning and Development Division, the consultant will perform the following tasks to inform and develop a strategic framework to guide the master park development plan:

  • Inventory the existing site characteristics and conditions, and assess the current and future users of the park as well as the operational capacity of the park
  • Inventory the natural resources 
  • Conduct a recreation program assessment 
  • Conduct a comprehensive public engagement process to better understand community needs and desires
  • Develop a vision for the future development of the park
  • Prepare a final plan document with proposed concepts, recommendations and an implementation strategy

Skatepark Improvements

Project Background

Originally opened in 2013, the skatepark at Cosca Regional Park was recently improved with the addition of benches, tables, a drinking fountain, and a shade structure. The skatepark is a 12,000 square foot facility with concrete elements, including:

  • A massive vert wall
  • Ledge on bank
  • 4-stair with rail
  • 6-stair with bank and rail
  • 7-stair with rail and hubba ledge
  • 8-stair with rail and hubba ledge
  • Boomerang quarter pipe
  • Flow course
  • Radial bank with ledge
  • Pump bump
  • Pyramid with ledge and step-up gap
  • And a transition hip.

Status/Project Updates

As of August 2020, the project is complete and open to the public.