Park Rx

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Park Rx is a community health platform whose mission is to enable healthcare providers to prescribe patient visits to parks. The goal of the platform is to prevent and treat chronic disease, promote wellness, and create the next generation of environmental advocates. 

Health Benefits of Park Rx

  • Spending time in nature is linked with decreased anxiety
  • Green spaces are restorative and boost attention
  • Viewing and spending time in green spaces lowers cortisol levels and blood pressure
  • Access to parks reduces the risks of being overweight and obese
  • Living in a neighborhood with more opportunities for physical activity is associated with lower risks of Type 2 Diabetes

Partnership Overview

The Department of Parks and Recreation is dedicated to utilizing this new avenue to connect patients/customers with our parks and services in order to improve their quality of life. We strive to encourage overall behavior change, improve health outcomes, and create new advocates for public lands. 

Benefits of M-NCPPC Participation

  • Engages residents in utilizing our parks and trails
  • Elevates our profile as a health and wellness provider
  • Aligns with Formula 2040 goals and Health and Wellness Action Plan objectives
  • Convenient integration using our Enterprise Asset Management database

The Department of Parks and Recreation is currently recruiting and engaging healthcare providers to become park prescribers. If you know of a healthcare provider that would be a great fit for Park Rx, email Katrina Williams.