Downtown & Local center Implementation Program

The Downtown Implementation Program focuses placemaking efforts in Prince George’s County’s three designated downtowns – Prince George’s Plaza, Largo Town Center, and New Carrollton Metro area.  Plan 2035, Prince George’s Approved General Plan identifies these areas as best positioned to develop – in the near term - into vibrant, walkable, regional-serving centers (Plan 2035, p.23).  To advance the fruition of the general plan, the Placemaking Section, in partnership with other agencies, identifies projects that will deliver the plan recommendations in each Downtown. This section is responsible for monitoring implementation, preparing studies, collecting data and reporting progress.

While the projects may differ among the downtowns, the vision is to implement projects that will catalyze or enhance attributes that are common of robust downtowns around the world.

  • A public attraction/destination. This is an all-welcoming place where visitors could spend minutes or hours, whether using it as a place of respite, recreation, to people-watch, for spontaneous interaction, entertainment, or civic gatherings.
  • Connectivity.  Major attractions should be seamlessly connected for long-term visitation. Visitors should not perceive them as being too far separated.  Wayfinding elements are critical to directing traffic and visitors, as well as providing visitors with spatial and location awareness.
  • Walkability.  Visitors should not be car dependent.  Walking paths must be plentiful, clearly identified, safe, free from obstructions, and accessible.
  • Mix of uses. Mixed-use development with tenants that operate at varying hours keep the public realm vibrant throughout the day.  It also increases the time a visitor will spend (and potentially invest) downtown.
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