Maps & Graphics

  • 1997 TDDP Land Use and Design Concept (PDF) - The 1997 Urban Design Concept was based on walking distance from the Metro station, and considered the location and types of land uses, parking ratios and urban design requirements and guidelines.
  • Existing Zoning Map (PDF) - The transit district consists of 293 acres of land in the M-X-T (Mixed-Use Transportation Oriented), I-3 (Planned Industrial/Employment Park), R-R (Rural Residential), O-S (Open Space), and R-O-S (Reserved Open Space) Zones.
  • PGAtlas - The online mapping tool for Prince George's County.
  • Project Boundary Map (PDF) - This project boundary is based upon the 1997 Approved Transit District Development Plan for the College Park-Riverdale Transit District Overlay Zone. The Prince George's County Council is anticipated to authorize the TDDP Update and boundary in June 2013.