Strategic Trails Plan

For the Department of Parks and Recreation

Public Review Period: August 1 - September 30, 2018
The Strategic Trails Plan was developed over a multi-year planning process beginning in 2015. Work completed by the Toole Design Group consultant team in 2016 has been repackaged and is presented here for public review during the month of August. (Note: Over the course of the planning process, this plan has been referred to as the “Trails Master Plan,” and as the “Trails Implementation Plan.”)


Part 1: Plan Summary, Priorities and Recommendations
This 35-page document summarizes the planning process and presents the plan’s formal recommendations. Additionally, it provides a list and map of priority trail projects to undertake over the next 10 years.

Part 2: Implementation Action Plan (Available in September 2018)
This nine-page table presents the plan’s formal recommendations as specific strategies and actions; naming lead and supporting agencies and establishing target timeframes.

Part 3: Plan Elements
Provides technical information and background to inform every aspect of trail development, including planning, funding, design, regulatory factors, construction, management, maintenance, programming, marketing, partnerships and economic impacts. Will be a reorganized version of the May 2016 Draft Plan, with minor changes to content.

Part 4: Summary of Public Outreach and Existing Conditions (Available in September 2018)
This part of the plan provides documentation of the public input received in the planning process and the existing conditions review conducted in 2015.


Priority Projects List & Map  
MAP P Priority Trail Projects (includes Part 1: Appendix 1-2)
Trail Network Inventory Maps  
MAP A 2040 Planned/Proposed Trail Network (Primary & Secondary)
MAP B Existing Trails
MAP C Existing Trail Ownership
MAP D 2040 Planned/Proposed Trail Network (Recreational)
Trail Planning Maps (Available Soon)  
MAP E Proposed Destination Trails and Bicycle Loops
MAP F Thematic Trails
MAP G Proximity to Residential Population
MAP H Geographic Distribution of Trails in Park Service Areas
MAP I Trail Connectivity to Priority M-NCPPC Parks & Facilities
MAP J Trail Connectivity to Plan 2035 Development Centers and Other  Activity Centers
MAP K Connectivity to Municipalities and Jurisdictions within the County
MAP L Addressing Built Environment Barriers
MAP M Connections to Neighboring Jurisdictions
MAP N Use of Highway, Railroad and Utility Corridors
MAP O Natural Environment Barriers


Features of Primary and Secondary Trails (Part 1: Appendix 1-1)
Activity and Development Centers (Supports Map J)
Built Environment Barriers (Supports Map L)
Connectivity to Neighboring Jurisdictions (Supports Map M)
Funding Sources for Trails
Signing and Striping Standards