Member Services

The ERS designs its member services to encourage lifelong financial and retirement planning. The ERS is committed to providing each member with the resources necessary to anticipate future needs.

Member Education Programs
Member education programs are offered to all members and their significant others at many of the Commission's facilities. The focus of an individual program may change; however, the general topics can include: ERS benefits, Social Security, Medicare, retirement planning, legal protections, and more. The programs include "FOCUS on Retirement" for new employees; On-site retirement programs; and, specialty programs requested by employees, supervisors or departments. The programs also provide an opportunity to meet the staff and ask questions.

Publications are available to help members understand the benefits of belonging to the ERS, as well as, the health and financial position of the ERS. The publications available include:

  • The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report provides in-depth information about the financial, investment and actuarial aspects of the ERS.   
  • The Popular Annual Financial Report summarizes the ERS’ more detailed Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
  • ERS LifeTimes is the ERS’ means of communicating important timely information to all active members.  It is published monthly in Update, the Commission’s monthly employee newsletter.
  • The Plan Document describes the terms and conditions related to the operation and administration of the ERS. 
  • A Summary Plan Description (SPD) is available for each plan.  The SPD is a summary of the ERS’ provisions and its benefits. The SPD must be distributed every five years to plan members.
  • The Summary Description of Material Modifications (SMM) includes a description of any plan amendment that modifies the Plan Document or the Summary Plan Description. The SMM is sent out to all members following any material plan amendment.
An Annual Benefit Statement is sent to all active, vested and non-vested members each year. This statement provides members with their account balance, credited service and projected normal retirement date.

One-on-One Counseling is available to all active members and potential retirees to discuss benefits, calculations and retirement options.

The Benefit Estimate provides members a projection of retirement benefits based upon a future retirement date, projected credited service and average annual earnings. Members can request a Benefit Estimate at any time.

Retirement Counseling is provided for those retiring from the Commission. The session is not mandatory, but highly recommended. ERS staff review retirement benefits, options, and assist members in completing the paperwork in order to begin benefits.