Harmony Hall Regional Center

Hardway Connection Band

There is an exciting variation of "oldies but goodies" melodies sweeping the land. It is a blues and rhythm sound counterpointed by a thread of family values and tradition. It is the smooth, passionate, sometimes funky and extremely "tight" sound of The Hardway Connection Band evoking feelings of nostalgia and an undeniable compulsion to dance. Read more
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Secret Society

The "Society" is that breath of fresh air that most aficionados have been searching for. The repertoire is deep and full of history, tradition, and diversity. The combination of talent, experience and a host of influences stemming from the seeds of John Coltrane, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Police, Rick James and a host of others gives this band their own unique sound and identity. This band has been featured in several magazines as "one of the hottest bands in the region!" Read more